Thursday, November 8, 2007

What Emerging Technologies have you found?Share them here for your classmates and the rest of the world.

Lois Lindell
1. Green Technologies via human generated power at:
2. Social bookmarking using Delicious - a You Tube Video at: Wikis in Plain English
3. Computer Games: Educational Technology's Next Frontier? This is an article from "techLearning" June 1, 2007 on the increased use of computer games for educational purpose
4. Digital Paper

Tiffany Poche
1. your fingerprint can show what you have eaten.

Megan Burvee
1, SMART board

1. CamReader: This is a tool (phone) that reads and translates barcodes, not sure why this would be useful but thought it was interesting. Click on this link to learn more:
2. The following are two videos I found on you tube so if you go to and search for the following you will be able to see the videos, just type the titles in the search box:GE on Demand: New Lighting TechnologyCoolest Imaging and Social Technology Ever
3. These are the final items I found and thought they were neatest things ever, check out the new ways we can go to the supermarket, especially for those who have children.SmartCart: go hightech:

Sarah Dukes
1. Sea Dragon - I can see education really utilizing this tool
2. Digital Painting The new blackboard?
3. Philip's Sense & Simplicity designing our Learning Environment

Steve Acheson
1. A heads up display for your car that is connected to all of the electronic devices in your car: GPS, cellphone, ipod, pocket pc,
2. A controversial biologist at Harvard claims he can extend life span and treat diseases of aging. He may be right.
3. New technology to help U.S. forces distinguish between friend and foe. 4. Your car won't start until you verify that you are a registered driver by having your fingerprint scanned.
5. A website where you can quickly create really neat music videos using your own pictures. It's fun!
6. Build your own virtual world. The sky (and well beyond) is the limit.
7. Also, some articles about Meta Place: and

Sarah Levendusky
1. With every fill of the gas tank, I'm reminded of energy costs going up. I found this article about building houses more efficiently. Point of Purchase displays go electronic while still retaining a traditional look. E Ink Corporation's Ink In Motion film is used for displays for video games and other brands, like Coca-Cola. An interesting revolution in advertising.

Patricia Kloeckner
1. Scanner is a great invention for engineering, computer games ans virtual reality.

Leeman Patrick II
Microsoft’s Digital House
1. I just find so many things in this house that I believe we will see comercially available at a reasonable price in the future. I realize many are not Microsoft fans but this house is about the future not Microsoft products.This is the Microsoft address. It doesn’t give much detailed information but does explain the basics of the house.
2. This link takes you to an article about the house and the digital kitchen. I think the idea of the house knowing what you have for food, and what you can make from it, is just great.At the end of this article you can also find other links explaining the technology in the microsoft house.